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Producer, Audio Engineer, Songwriter

Frettless Studios is the Recording Studio and Audio Production Company owned and operated by Stuart Thorpe – Audio Engineer, Producer, Songwriter. Reap the benefits of Stuart's musical journey to enhance your own.

At Frettless Studios you get Stuart’s expertise to transform your work from that demo or unfinished song into a Spotify & radio - ready banger that will surprise your friends and show you at your absolute best.

He will work with you to produce your music through Pre-Production, Recording, Mixing and Mastering.

Stuart is an audio engineer and accomplished pianist with 29 years at the keys. He's also an experienced songwriter and expert at harmony and voice leading. If you need extra piano work, synths, strings, vocal harmonies or drums programming for your song, Stuart can provide. You can reap the benefits of Stuart's musical journey to enhance your own.

How Frettless Studios can help you

The perfect bridge can turn a good song into a great one, but many find it the most difficult part of a song to write; it's common for songwriters to have two great verses and a great chorus, but end up using a modified version of one of these sections for the bridge, or have no bridge at all. Some of the most effective bridges are actually a new section that hasn’t appeared in the song yet; Stuart can either guide you to write this section yourself or write the bridge for you.

Stuart started his journey as a musician 29 years ago and has had the pleasure of working with musicians of numerous styles and backrounds. Stuart believes collaboration is crucial to success, has a trained ear and can recommend improvemnts to enhance your songwriting. This means you don’t have to change it, but you may as well hear it. At the end of the day, the songs are yours, and Stuart’s goal is for you to achieve more and fret less.

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