Frettless Difference

Frettless Difference

What Frettess Studios offers you

With Frettless Studios, Stuart will listen to all your songs, from demos to live shows; then advise you of which song/s are best to produce professionally. Once you decide which of your babies deserves the time, energy and special treatment of Frettless, it’s time for Pre – Production; this is where Stuart’s colloborative approach begins, as he helps you nail the ideal layout and tempo/s for each song. You’ll discuss any changes that will help bring your vision into sharp focus. A song’s layout and tempo are key (yep! That’s a music pun!) to making your work shine; here you have the oppotunity to take advantage of Stuart’s song writing and music theory roots. At this point you’ll also do the important step of finalising a date and timeline for your project.

The Frettless Studios Difference

Frettless Studios is a small operation owned and operated exclusively by Stuart Thorpe.

When you choose Frettless Studios, you are choosing the full package –   Producer, Audio Engineer, Mix Engineer,  and Mastering Engineer as well as the recording space (*the only necessary exception is when you need your drummer recorded which requires a bigger recording space and is done at cost price).

With Frettless Studios one price covers Pre – Production, Recording, Mixing and Mastering – which means you pay for the job, and not by the hour (*as above, when external studio hire is required this will done at cost price). And you also get Frettless Studios’ secret ingredient; Stuart’s lifelong commitment to music.

As a longtime musician himself, Stuart understands that so many musos out there have one or two jobs and the creative itch, but don’t have endless amounts of money to spend on getting the results their songs deserve. So, Stuart has a “charge for the job” mentality to bring you true value, meaning you can get more content out there for less dollars.

By paying for the job you need, instead of the hours you spend, your sonic dreams become reality easier than many other studios can provide. And the full package offering means you’ll have enough time to get the job done right, without paying for time spent.

It’s difficult to channel your creativity and give your best performances when you’re busy worrying about the mounting costs. Laying down your best vocal performance is key (music pun) to leaving a lasting impression on the listener, and with Frettless Stuart allows more than enough time to get your vocals to shine, and you won’t pay by the hour to do it.