Online Music Producer

Online music Producer gets you a great result from your own home.

The world is small these days. Covid has forced many to broaden their scope for new oportunities.

Stuart has had a lot of interest from music and podcast creators all over the globe. The important thing when selecting a producer is to get the right fit for you.

Stuart will work with you to help set your microphone in the perfect place for your room’s dimensions (this step is crucial), help with gain staging, and give feedback on each and every stage of your project, to get you the best result possible from accros the globe.

He will collaborate with you in a way that closely resembles the method layed out in the “Solo Artsts” and “Bands” sections of this website (logisics of being in two different countries can be managed).

He can enhance your creations by recording extra piano, keys, synth and strings lines personally. He can also add extra harmonies and backing vocals himself, and has regular access to a session guitarist (acoustic) and bassist (electric). As a pro at drums programming Stuart will acess his extensive library of drums samples (painstakingly taken from years of recording real drums performances); this means Stuart can provide a highly realistic souding drum kit for your project without Covid affecting it in any way.

He will also mix and master your project.

Look in the “Prices” section for more information about how Stuart will help your creative journey.