Pre – Production

This crucial first step is very important

This step is done by many top producers to help bands and artists focus their vision, and agree on project's scope. Your Producer Stuart Thorpe will listen to every one of your songs and make suggestions on which are best for the Frettless Studios treatment. He will have a bunch of ideas for you to try, to help bring your true sound into a highly focussed reality. These ideas may include arrangement, tempo and key of the song (to suit the singer's vocal range), harmonies, alternate kick and snare patterns or queries like “should we put a quiet version of the chorus somewhere in this song?”; collaboration is the name of the game here. Every song is different, and in this stage you get to decide on changes that will shape your vision.

At the end of Pre – Production you will have chosen your songs, decided on improvements, recorded guide tracks for the chosen songs, and have a definite time frame for the recording process locked in.


This is the make or break stage of the process

While certain things can get fixed in the mix, the best option is to capture you at your absolute best. This is where Frettless Studios really shines, because you are given the time to nail the performance that people will be able to hear for years to come; even if it means 2 takes, or 20 takes.

Stuart will be using the industry standard method of recording 1 instrument at a time for each song, before moving onto the next instrument. This is the most efficent way to record a multitrack project outside of a live capture; it gives a highly pollished result (perfect for bands). Solo singer-songwriters are recorded in a similar fashion, however there is more flexibility available in the recording approach (we lean more into creative collaboration during recording, to give solo artsts the collaborative advantage bands have already had).


Mixing does take considerable time; Stuart averages 8 - 14 hours per song for mixing (there can be a massive difference in complexity between songs even within the one project). Once mixed, you’ll be able to take your songs home and listen in environments and situations that you commonly listen to your favourite music in, like earbuds, your car or home stereo. The point is to live with the initial mix for a week and come back with any adjustments that need to be made. Stuart offers 3 mix revisions (for basic things like level and balance), but it's still best to get as many changes into the one revision as possible. Stuart's experience is only 1 revision is needed (as changes tend to be minor at this point), however if you end up needing more than 3 mix revisions there will be an extra cost involved.


This is the final stage in the process

Mastering is not easy to explain, but it's the crucial last step before you can release your music.
Basically Mastering has 3 main goals:
1. It balances your song/s to sound great on all listening devices.
2. It brings the overall level up in accordance with the industry's current loudness standards.
3. It glues the mix together (difficult to explain, but it's a real thing!)

With Mastering you can pay anywhere from $60 to $300 per song, however with our packages listed below, Mastering is included.

Our Pricing


1-song production. Recorded, Mixed and Mastered (3 Mix & Master revisions included)



4-song production. Recorded, Mixed and Mastered (3 Mix & Master revisions included)


Make Album

Add to ep or Album. Per song price for each song over ep package (3 Mix & Master revisions included)


Booking and Payment

  • In order to secure your booking Frettless Studios requires a 20%, non – refundable deposit.
  • After Pre – Production, but before recording commences Frettless Studios requires a further 30% payment.
  • After mixing has been completed, but before Mastering commences, Frettless Studios requires a further 25% payment.
  • Once Mastering is complete, but before you get the finished product Frettless Studios requires the remaining 25%.


Frettless Studios will not hand over the finished product until final payment of the remaining balance has been received.

Deposits are non – refundable unless Frettless Studios has requested the cancellation. Recording will not commence until Frettless Studios has received 50% of the total payment (which breaks down to the 20% deposit, plus the “further 30%”, outlined in the "Booking and Payment with Frettless Studios” section above). Mastering will not commence until a further 25% has been received by Frettless Studios (also outlined in the “Booking and Payment with Frettless Studios section). Music is a subjective medium, and is open to interpretation; due to this intrinsic fact of the medium itself, the only guarantee made by Frettless Studios is that the finished product will be to the industry standard, and be representative of the best interpretation of the material by the Producer.

Frettless Studios will honour requests to make changes to the music, provided the request is made in a timely manner. Frettless Studios defines a “timely manner” as being a request made within 14 days of the recording of the component in question. If the request is made outside of this timeline it will incur extra costs, which is looked at on a case by case basis. As the artist/s has final say on the artistic direction of the material, the onus is on the artist/s; the Producer, and by extension Frettless Studios, is not liable for anything that may arise from the release and/or promotion of the artist/s material. Refunds are only available if Frettless Studios has not been able to provide the time committed to by both parties. Frettless Studios goal is for the artist to be satisfied with the final result and looks forward to producing a high – quality product for you.